New Cyber Product Offering

ARC Excess & Surplus, L.L.C. understands Cyber Coverage, Data Privacy and Network Security are all critical to any business today.

If you look at the recent cyber breaches in companies such as Sony, which exposed comments from management, and Ashley Madison, which exposed the names of their users and forced the CEO to resign, you know how critical it is to mitigate risk in the ever-changing cyber security aspect of your business or personal life.

In fact, in 2014 alone, more than 67 million personal records have been exposed by hackers, which is why federal and state lawmakers are scrambling to implement new stringent laws to regulate breaches of privacy.

In this age of cyber-crime, a leader in risk mitigation services has emerged in understanding Cyber and Privacy security breach liabilities – ARC Excess & Surplus, LLC.

ARC offers a suite of products from Security & Privacy Liability and Cyber Business Interruption & Data Restoration to Media Liability and Cyber Terrorism.

According to a report in The Guardian, advanced persistent threats (APTs) or “sophisticated spam” will likely rise in 2015 and even more in 2016. These crimes normally leverage psychological manipulation to incite victims to reveal confidential information or perform actions. The victims of these attacks range from large firms who hold valuable intellectual property or industry blueprints to individuals who fall prey to spear-phishing, watering hole tactics, and “malvertising” on social media.

Cyber Insurance Product Offering

There are also persistent attacks on mobile payment systems and banks, companies storing valuable data and healthcare organizations that hold private and sensitive information. According to Identity Theft Resource Center there were 720 institutional data breaches including well-publicized attacks on Target and Home Depot.

With Cyber-Security breaches on the rise, all businesses should be protected should an occurance strike. No company is impervious, but they can be prepared to manage risk.

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