ARC Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

Thirty years ago, Al Salvatico, Rich Fierstein, and Chris Cavallaro embarked on a mission to become the largest independent wholesale brokerage firm in the country, specializing in Professional Liability.

On the 30th anniversary of ARC, that vision is a reality. In addition to their success to date, the business has expanded into standard P&C lines as well as many others.

By staying ahead of the curve, ARC continues to provide the high level of service its clients have experienced and have come to expect throughout the years. Great service guarantees great results; this is proven by ARC’s longevity and substantial growth in the industry. Furthermore, ARC has embraced the evolution of digital technology, and is fully committed to utilizing innovative business tools to continually raise its standard of service.

Thirty years ago, the founders consistently pushed the boundaries to discover new solutions that benefit their client’s goals. This continued approach of serviceing client’s needs is no surprise to those conducting business with ARC throughout the years.

Achieving goals is paramount to any business, but maintaining integrity while achieving those goals is the secret to success. Applied skill, knowledge, and behavior are the tools of the professional. Since its inception, ARC has followed a philosophy of fair, professional and ethical treatment of its clients.

ARC Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

Thirty years ago, the founders set the tonality and culture of ARC to be a trustworthy advocate for its client’s needs. All these ingrained values will continue to allow ARC to flourish not only for the next 30 years, but far into the future.

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